Evaluation of harm reduction measures concerning the social security related to open drug scenes (DRUSEC)

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Open drug scenes are part of urban life in every European major city. At the same time, open drug scenes
constitute spaces of immense civil insecurity. With the help of qualitative research methods and taking
Frankfurt am Main as an empirical example, the research project therefore aims at analyzing (1) which
“subjective” risk perceptions and “objective” security risks the different actors in public space (drug users,
residents, professionals etc.) are associated with open drug scenes, (2) to what extent control policies and
harm reduction measures (with a focus on drug consumption rooms) do contribute to an improvement of
civil security and (3) in which way drug consumption rooms can better serve as safe spaces of drug use. On
that basis, recommendations for action and best practice models for an improvement of social security will
be developed in close cooperation with practice partners and end users.

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