Optimization of Wireless Mesh Networks with Network Virtualization for Disaster Use (VirtO4WMN)

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Förderlinie IngenieurNachwuchs (BMBF-Programm "Forschung an Fachhochschulen")

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On the basis of a wireless mesh network (WMN), a scalable and optimized service architecture for disaster
use is to be researched and implemented prototypically, taking into account the routing protocols and
especially the network virtualisation. The goal is an overall optimization, with respect to the battery
operation of the WMN nodes with special consideration of the energy consumption, including a distributed
orchestration. Based on a requirement analysis network and service architecture are developed. This is
followed by the optimization of the routing protocols as well as the virtualization with the goal of overall
optimization. For verification and evaluation simulations are carried out and prototypes are developed and
implemented. The results will be part of two doctoral studies, ongoing lectures, planned follow-up projects,
possible product developments as well as considerations for future communication in disaster areas.

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